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The Double Shear Spindle Mount: A Game-Changer for Your Can-Am Maverick R

The Double Shear Spindle Mount: A Game-Changer for Your Can-Am Maverick R

Anny Reed |

If you love tearing up the trails like we do, you're probably always looking to make your ride even better. Well check this out - CT Race Worx just came out with something called the Double Shear Spindle Mount. Let's break down why this new part is about to change the off-road game.

First, a quick lesson on spindle mounts, and basically, these connect your suspension's upper and lower arms to the wheel hub allowing your steering and suspension to work their magic. So they're pretty crucial for handling and preventing damage as you bash through rough terrain.

Now what makes the Double Shear Spindle Mount special? The normal ones that come in stock on a lot of UTVs, including our Maverick Rs, just have a single point connecting everything. But this upgrade adds a second reinforcement point for way more durability. We don't get the engineering behind it, but from what we hear it makes the whole steering and suspension assembly way tougher. Which is exactly what we need out there on the trails!

We got to say, the more we learn about this new double shear setup, the more pumped we're getting. No more worries about breaking crap on nasty obstacles! Your Maverick is gonna dominate like never before! Who else is ready to take their machine to the next level?

Here's what you'll typically find on most off-road vehicles. They use a single connection point to attach the spindle to the A-arm. This gets the job done for regular off-roading, but it has limitations especially when pushing the Maverick R to extremes.

Double Shear Spindle Mount: This is where the magic lies. Unlike the normal mount, the Double Shear version has not one but two attachment points. That small difference makes a big impact.

Why the Double Shear Spindle Mount is Crucial for Your Maverick R:

1. Unmatched Strength: The genius of the Double Shear is evenly distributing force across two attachment points. In other words - unbeatable durability. Whether hitting rocky trails, steep climbs, or pushing limits it's built to handle it.

2. Less Stress, Longer Life: Regular mounts with a single connection can experience excessive stress and wear, potentially failing or deforming. The Double Shear reduces the load on each point, extending the spindle and A-arms lifespan.

The Double Shear Spindle Mount gives you that awesome in-control feeling when navigating tricky trails or flying down roads. It gets rid of wobbles and makes handling so precise. It's built to be super durable and handle the most intense performance and

At CT Race Worx, we're all about pushing limits and making the best off-road parts out there. The Double Shear Spindle Mount shows our commitment to innovation. 

Upgrade to the Double Shear Spindle Mount and get ready to redefine your Maverick R.