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CT wins King of the Hammers 4th year in a ROW!

CT wins King of the Hammers 4th year in a ROW!

Anny Reed |

I've had the privilege of attending King of the Hammers (KOH) multiple times, even participating in the desert race there. However, this year marked a special milestone as I decided to take on the formidable rocks for the very first time. Rock crawling has been a lifelong passion that ignited when I was just 16 years old, eventually leading me to establish CT Race Worx when I turned 21. Armed with years of racing experience, I teamed up with the formidable Nathan Parker and Team Momentum to share my wealth of knowledge and take on the formidable KOH rock sections.

Nate and I were piloting the Pro Stock Turbo in a Can Am X3, a true beast that the incredible crew at CT Race Worx meticulously crafted and assembled for this race. We embarked on solid pre-running sessions in December, which proved invaluable, especially when navigating the treacherous rock sections. While we couldn't pre-run the desert loop, I had the privilege of some seat time alongside my longtime racing partner, Bill Zemak, in the Rhys Millen Jackal. I dusted off my course notes from that race and put them to good use alongside Nate.

Before delving into the race specifics, allow me to introduce you to Nate. Just a day after qualifying, he celebrated his 15th birthday. But don't let his age fool you; he's been a dominant force in the Ultra4 racing scene, with the exception of Kyle Chaney. Nate possesses an innate talent for finding the perfect racing lines, knowing when to exercise caution, and unleashing his speed when the moment demands it. Trust me, I don't just hop into a car with anyone. Bill and Nate are among the select few I'd entrust with a racing seat.

Qualifying day, which fell on a Monday, was a pivotal moment for us. We found ourselves in the last group of the day known as the Power Hour, alongside the sport's top drivers. Our strategy was crystal clear: maintain a smooth and controlled pace, secure a solid qualifying time to avoid bottlenecks in the rocky terrain on race day, and avoid pushing the car to its limits. Nate executed this plan brilliantly, clinching an impressive 4th overall qualifying time.

The CT Race Worx team, comprised of Andrew and Brad, performed their magic with a comprehensive car preparation. They added protective elements for the desert section and ensured that every aspect of the vehicle was rock-solid.

Race Day arrived on Thursday, albeit with a slight delay due to transponder issues. Kyle Chaney and Ronnie Anderson set off on row 1, while Nate, Cole Clark, and I raced into the desert on row 2. Our first lap in the desert went off without a hitch, requiring just one tire change. As we ventured into the challenging rock sections for the second lap, we were confronted with an unexpected hurdle – our low range was malfunctioning. It was decision time: do we risk breaking parts and pushing the car hard, or do we strategize for a finish? We opted for the latter.

Our plan was straightforward: allow ourselves a maximum of two attempts at the most challenging obstacles, and if necessary, I would step out and utilize the winch. The CT Race Worx components proved to be robust enough to withstand the punishing conditions. At Chocolate Thunder, we didn't even consider driving the line, knowing it was too risky. I swiftly exited the vehicle, hooked up the winch, and made the pass while saving precious time. Our Warn RC9 winch proved to be both swift and resilient.

Facing a left front flat tire, we had to conduct a tire change before tackling more formidable rocks. Nate's prowess in high-range driving was nothing short of impressive. We were aware that belt issues could arise, so we occasionally took a minute to rev the engine and cool down the clutches, proactively preventing potential belt damage.

As we reached the final leg, Spooners, the last rock trail before the desert, we knew we had to conquer it. Despite a cloud of smoke emanating from the damaged belt, Nate executed the descent with finesse. We pushed through the desert but eventually had to replace the belt for the third time.

We pushed hard, confronted numerous challenges, and made strategic decisions to secure our finish at KOH. Racing isn't always about sheer speed; at times, it's about making intelligent choices and relying on teamwork. Thanks to the unwavering support of CT Race Worx and Nate's exceptional talent, we not only took on the daunting KOH rocks but emerged from the challenge even stronger.